Sunday, August 23, 2009

I finished the outside burst using Kreinik #4 in silver. You may note that I used the heaviest fibers in the centers and then worked outward using lighter weights as I went. The DMC Color Infusion Memory Wire is the heaviest, followed by the stranded Silky, moved to the Silver Lame, and then Gold Rush. The last two were the DMC Sparklers and finally the Kreinik #4. All of the spokes of the bursts are couched down, which may explain why it took a little longer to get all of those in. I have one more thing to add to this, so the fini will be tomorrow night!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I worked the top spray tonight. The DMC Color Infusions Silky and Sparklers do not come in white or silver right now. So, I switched to DMC Marlitt in white--2 strands--and Kreinik #4 in silver--one strand. The long spokes are worked once again in the Silver Lame Braid. Tomorrow I will start working further out on the sprays.